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Patio and Patio Furniture Cleaning

Patio and Patio Furniture Cleaning In Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole

Included within our vast array of cleaning services, we also provide a thorough, timely and professional patio, and outdoor furniture cleaning service.  Many patios suffer from unpleasant weather brought into the UK. This is occurs along with stains caused naturally by outdoor debris. It is no surprise that our customers have been requesting this service specifically, and we don’t blame them.  Our complete patio cleaning service will destroy all visible dirt along with all weeds, moss and even algae. These can build up causing your patio to become slippery and dangerous in the wet winter months. This service is not only thorough, but visibly noticeable, bringing your patio including your outdoor furniture back to life!

With our vast array of reviews on CheckaTrade by our satisfied customers you can be sure that we will provide a service over and above what you will be expecting.


What we offer

  • Full deep clean of all patio areas including furniture on request at an additional cost
  • Removal of all debris, moss and weeds including algae
  • After cleaning varnishing on wooden outdoor furniture
  • Algae, weed and moss after protection

When it comes to cleaning patios we choose to only use the best technology for the job.  This includes our high powered heated jet-washing machine which is 4x more powerful than your standard jet-washers!   If you have ever used a jet washers on your patio you will see that it strips the dirt off to a certain amount. However, this struggles to remove all the dirt, with our unique chemicals, designed for dirt removal on patios. These are complimented by our experienced jet-washing handlers. We will remove all dirt from your patio’s without causing short or long term damage to them.  On completion of the cleaning procedure we will them proceed to apply our anti-weed treatment, to prevent for an extended period of time, the growth of weeds, moss and of course, algae.

Additional Services


  • Once we have finished our cleaning service, we can run over the wooden furniture once again with our unique varnishing agent to protect the furniture for an extended period of time

Outdoor Furniture Cleaning

  • On completion of cleaning your patio, we are able to provide an extra service designated to cleaning patio furniture. Therefore, not only can we restore your patio’s back to new, but using our uniquely formulated cleaning process we will be able to convert those tired looking tables and chairs into show room condition!

So what are you waiting for? Give OvenKing a call today on 01202 70 50 45 and speak to one of our jet washing specialists today and find out how we can help you!

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