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Oven Heating Element Replacement

You probably found this page because you are looking for an oven heating element replacement. Ovens are appliances that last a long time with due care, but the heating element may need replacement after some years of use. OvenKing provide and affordable oven heating element replacement service for all BH postcodes.

Oven Heating Element Replacement

What does an oven heating element replacement involve?

We make sure that the process is the easiest possible for you. The first thing we need to know about your oven is its model. This can be found at the side or the rear of your oven, on a sticker or label installed by the manufacturer. It is crucial that we get this information, otherwise we won’t be able to provide an oven heating element replacement for you. The easiest way is to email us a photo of the label, and we’ll take it from there.

Where can I find my oven label?

One place where you can find the label is in the frame of the oven’s door. Open the oven’s door and look at the top, bottom, left or right:

For your oven heating element replacement, locate the label

Another place where you can find the label is at the sides of the oven, if you have access to them. It could be on the top or on one of the sides, or even the back of the oven:

Locate your label to ensure a trouble free oven heating element replacement

For ovens with sliding doors (Slide & Hide), look for the label at the bottom of the compartment where the door slides into:

The oven model number is necessary for the oven heating element replacement

I found my oven’s model number. Now what?

After you send us the exact oven model number, we will provide you with a quote for the cost of the part itself. Our fee for the installation is £50 (but look further below for a great offer), regardless of how complex your oven is and how difficult it is to complete the oven heating element replacement. Once you agree to the quote, one of our highly experienced operators will visit you at a day and time that’s convenient to you, and will proceed with the oven element replacement.

Will I be able to get an oven heating element replacement if I can’t find the model?

Finding the oven’s exact model is really important. Each oven has a very specific heating element, and elements differ from one oven to the other, even within the same oven brand. This means one oven’s element will not work in a different make or even model of the same make. Understandably, sometimes it may be hard or impossible to access the side or the back of the oven to see the label. One alternative is to look for the exact model in the paperwork that came with your oven when you bought it.

Should I have my oven cleaned before having the element replaced?

In a word, yes. This is the best time to get your element replaced. Ovens perform way better when they are clean and their efficiency is massively improved. Our operators will in fact take all the guesswork out of finding your oven model number, because they will find the label for you. We will then order the oven element replacement part and, when it arrives, the operator will revisit you to fit it. Once this is done, your oven will look and work like new!

How long does the oven element replacement take?

If the visit is only for the replacement, it usually takes around an hour max. Most of our clients usually book both the oven cleaning and replacement to be done on the same day. This of course required that they have informed us of the oven’s model number so we can source the oven heating element replacement part first.

Get a 10% discount on your oven heating element replacement!

We are offering a 10% discount to your total bill (excluding the oven heating element’s part cost), if you book both your oven clean and oven heating element replacement at the same time.

Simply fill in the form below and we will contact you with a quote and arrange a date and time for your booking.