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The OvenKing team all work extremely hard cleaning ovens, carpets, floors, walls, bathrooms, kitchens and quite frankly anything that gets even the slightest bit dirty. You may never have the pleasure of meeting the whole team but rest assured there are a number of highly qualified and experienced people behind the scenes at OvenKing ensuring we are on the forefront of the cleaning industry.


Ricky – Commercial Cleaner & Contracts Manager

Ricky heads up our commercial division, ensuring our commercial clients receive the same level of service and dedication as our domestic customers.

He also fills in when required cleaning domestic ovens and carpet cleaning.

Ricky came to us from another commercial cleaning company and has been a great asset since his arrival.


Daniel – Oven Cleaner

Daniel is the newest member of the team having joined us in 2019. Daniel has 15 over years of cleaning experience.

Before joining OvenKing he cleaned Leisure Centres and other public facilities, window cleaning, carpet and upholstery deep cleaning, dry cleaning and leather cleaning.

With the help of our comprehensive training package, Daniel has added Ovens and appliances to his cleaning skill set.

He uses his wide cleaning experience to deliver first class service to our customers in our Gosport region. His great attention to detail helps him deliver a great quality clean every time.



Jason – Oven Cleaner

A professional oven cleaner through and through.

Jason came to us from another oven cleaning company so after the shortest training course we have ever had to run we sent him out in the OvenKing van and he hasn’t looked back since.

Jason has 10 years experience in the cleaning industry, the majority of which he has specialised in oven cleaning.


Daryl – Oven Cleaner

Daryl came to us from another oven cleaning company so after a short training course we sent him out in the OvenKing van.


Mike – Oven Cleaner



Joao – Oven & Carpet Cleaner

Before joining OvenKing, Joao worked as a cook, giving him first hand knowledge of the standard of cleanliness required in professional kitchens.

He now uses that knowledge and experience professionally to clean domestic and commercial kitchens.



Paul – Oven & Carpet Cleaner

Paul too comes from a commercial catering background and as our longest serving oven cleaner has probably cleaned thousands of ovens in the Dorset and Hampshire area alone.

We estimate Paul cleans over 700 ovens per year, that is the kind of experience you cannot buy or teach!



Florin – Oven Cleaner & Commercial Cleaner

Never without a smile on his face Florin loves his job, fortunately he is also great at it!

Florin joined us 4 years ago and is friendly, professional and hard working. Traits we at OvenKing value highly.


Duane – Oven & Carpet Cleaner

A detailer of prestige automobiles in his previous job, no one is more attentive to detail than Duane.

Duane was one of our first employees, with his wealth of experience in the oven cleaning industry he now helps trouble shoot on tricky commercial work and trains our new recruits.

Multi skilled Duane works within all services offered by OvenKing.



Daryl – The Boss

A hands on boss who oversees the majority of commercial cleaning works.

An entrepreneur with a history in the digital marketing industry Daryl founded OvenKing over 5 years ago to fill a gap in the market, the impetus was to “do the jobs you hate” with the benefit of a simple and transparent pricing and booking system.

Daryl’s history in the civil engineering industry also make him best suited to project manage complex commercial HVAC kitchen extraction ducting cleaning works.



Jo – Office Manager

Jo could be described as the voice of the company.

If you call in to make an enquiry or booking chances are you’ll be speaking to Jo.

When not taking bookings it is Jo’s responsibility to distribute work to the team, ensuring they are in the right place at the right times with the right equipment.

Which with the size of team of OvenKing is no mean feat.


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