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Jet Washing Services

Jet Washing

OvenKing provides a professional jet washing service  in cleaning patios, driveways, decking and not forgetting outdoor furniture.  With our experienced high powered jet washing operatives complimented by our top of the range cleaning machines, we are able to provide a service over and above what you would expect.

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Block Paving and Driveway Cleaning Services

We have now developed a methodical, efficient and thorough cleaning process for the jet washing services we provide, meaning maximum cleaning results that have already left our most recent customer completely astonished!   We are able to bring back to life your old, dirty, aged driveways, resurrecting them back to life, helping your home to be even more aesthetically please to the eye and even to your neighbors, who will most likely be jealous of your newly cleaned driveway, which looks brand new, when they have just replaced their entire driveway, instead of hiring us!

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Decking and Outdoor Furniture Cleaning

Along with our block paving and driveway cleaning services, we are able to offer a complete decking and outdoor furniture cleaning service, this complicated cleaning procedure involves removing any visible dirt to the eye, which might have been living on your furniture for years and managed to remaining even when you’ve cleaned the decking or furniture yourselves, but rest assure, we can remove all visible dirt, with our methodical approach to cleaning complimented by our experienced operatives using our high powered steam pressure washers, we will be able to get the job done.

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Patio Cleaning Services

Our last addition to the outdoor cleaning range we are offering is patio cleansing.  Being a patio owner like yourself, you will understand the annoyances, and dangers involved in a dirty patio, of course being an eye sore, they can also become host to many weeds, algae and moss, all of which can provide hazards, as these will become very slippery in the wetter, winter months.  With our experienced cleaners, along with our chemicals, we are able to eradicate all essence of algae, weeds, and moss, along with preventing them from returning, bringing your patio back to life, and becoming an asset of your house you can be proud of.

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