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Are you a commercial kitchen that regularly needs your grease trap cleaned, or do need it cleaned, but can never get around to cleaning it when needed, ending up with bigger problems later on.

What if you had solution to this that was easy and affordable?

Whether you have portable, removal grease traps and permanently fixed non-removable grease traps OvenKing are now here to help.

Using our specialist equipment and vehicles and our highly trained and experienced operators you are assured the best if you choose a clean with us!

Why get it cleaned / emptied?

Grease traps need constant maintaining every 2-3 months, without this you can be susceptible to fines reaching into the £thousands.

A badly maintained grease trap will not only effect your premises pipes and drains, but also the main sewer line causing many other problems and overflows into the streets.  This will not only cost you money, but also damage your reputation.

OvenKing can make sure this never happens using the latest equipment and technology to keep your grease trap running smoothly, efficiently and most of all correctly.

Our team of professional and fully insured commercial kitchen cleaning specialists can effectively and thoroughly clean your kitchen grease traps and will remove and dispose of the waste collected safely. All with the minimum of disruption to your business.

The FFOG solid waste (food, fats, oils and grease) collected by grease traps is classified as a controlled waste.

Environmental Health Officers may during inspection request to see evidence that regular cleaning of the grease trap is being performed.

Any waste (food solids, grease fats and oils) that has been removed must be disposed of by a registered waste carrier.

How we work ...

OvenKing have a professional workforce and a modern well equipped fleet.

OvenKing are fully insured and accredited to ISO 9001 for its management systems, 18001 for environmental awareness and 14001 for Health and Safety. This means you are always in safe and professional hands.

We are highly competitive and will always strive to match any verified like for like quote.

We operate Emergency Drainage Services 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year, so please feel free to call whatever time of day it is.

No overpriced extras

Increasingly we have heard from customers about other bogus drain unblocking service providers running bills higher and higher as they “discovered serious issues” in your drainage system.

We aim to stamp out this miss-selling and way of cleaning by giving you a price and do the job we priced and you paid for.

Other companies may try sell you expensive repairs and over the top “extra’s” to their work, we won’t do that as we aim to serve you the highest possible standard for the best price.

Why choose OvenKing?

Trusted and Reliable

Trusted and reliable provider of a multitude of cleaning services


No Hidden Fees

Quotes which we stick to and there are no hidden fees


Emergency Call-out

Emergency call-outs for all your drainage needs

Specialist Equipment

Specialist equipment to complete all unblocking services

1st Commercial Cleaning

OvenKing perform commercial cleans under the OvenKing name and also under the 1st Commercial Cleaning name, if you want to visit the other website, click the button below.

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