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Filter Replacement Service

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We understand the need for minimal disturbance within your commercial kitchen environment.

OvenKing offer an exclusive extractor canopy filter cleaning service.

We will remove your dirty filters and replace them with clean ones, we will then take away the dirty ones for cleaning to be swapped back when the replacements need cleaning.

    We can offer a one-off / on-demand service or regular scheduled visits.

    Why do I need filter cleaning?

    Canopy filters collect grease and detritus over time, the busier the kitchen the quicker this process can occur.

    When the canopy filters of an extraction system become dirty and get clogged with grime the efficiency of your extraction can be significantly reduced. Dirty filters may also lead to the increased risk of the build up of mould and bacteria.

    Replacing the filters with clean units can have a dramatic effect on the extraction system, improving both the efficiency and the health and hygeine of the system.

    Our exchange / swap-out service

    • You would purchase a number of spare filters.
    • We store the spare filters for you.
    • On the exchange we will remove the dirty and replace with clean,¬†this will minimise any down-time of your ventilation system.
    • The dirty units will be cleaned and awaiting your call for an exchange.

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    Replacement filters are also available to purchase on the GleamKing store

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