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Eco-Friendly Oven Cleaning

Cleaning your oven isn’t always a simple case of giving your oven a quick spray and rub down with an off the shelf oven cleaner. These types of oven cleaners are produced in large quantities for large volume retail and although contain chemicals specifically designed to strip away burnt on grease and food deposits these same chemicals are corrosive and ultimately harmful to your ovens surfaces. With improper use your once shiny and new stainless steel racking and shelves can become dull, rusted and all because you used the caustic oven cleaning products from your local supermarket.

Oven King are ahead of the game and are proud to ONLY use Eco-friendly, non-caustic, fume free, biodegradable and safe oven cleaning products. Our unique range of oven cleaning products allow us to offer a truly unbeatable oven cleaning service and give you the peace of mind that your oven will never suffer any long lasting damage as a result of using low quality cleaning products.

 Non-caustic oven cleaning products

Non-caustic means non-corrosive or non-damaging, which we make sure are the only products and chemicals that we use when cleaning your oven. Our specialist dip tank fitted to the back of all of our service vans means that we can remove any amount of dirt and grime from your oven without the need for strong, harmful caustic cleaners. Cleaning your oven in this way not only gives you an oven that looks like it has just come out of the showroom but means that with each clean we are extending the life of your oven and improving the taste of your food.

Biodegradable cleaning products

All of the cleaning products we use to clean your oven are 100% biodegradable. We take regular trips back and forth between your oven and our cleaning van which will be parked outside your home in order to clean the removable parts of your oven. In the unlikely event that any of our cleaning chemicals make contact with the pavement outside your house or garden, you can be safe in the knowledge that they will not harm, damage or leave marks anywhere. The products and chemicals we use wash away with a little water and won’t be noticeable often once dry.

Fume free cleaning products

Exactly what it says on the tin… or tub. Our oven cleaning products and chemicals are completely fume free, which means we won’t need to crack open a window to get the job done! Our cleaning services are almost completely non-invasive which means we do very little to disrupt your daily activities around the home as the majority of our work is done outside at the back of our service vans. The fume free chemicals are fantastic as they won’t bother you or us while we have our heads deep inside your oven and are completely safe and pose no health risks whatsoever!

Food safe chemicals

Our 100% food safe chemicals are designed so that once we have cleaned your oven and professionally reassembled it back to fully working order you are free to begin cooking and using your oven again immediately! There are no 24 hour waiting periods like some oven cleaning companies out there. Though considering just how clean your oven is going to look when we are done with it, we doubt you’ll ever want to risk making it dirty ever again!