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Kitchen Deep Clean

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Deep Kitchen Clean

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At OvenKing we can strip down your commercial kitchen and deep clean walls, floors, stainless steel tables, extractors and more. Leaving you with a fresh clean start!  Our team of certified commercial cleans will be sure to complete the job to your required expectations, using the latest in industrial cleaning equipment along with prior knowledge in deep cleaning.

So are you due a deep clean in the near future? Or maybe even today?

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Why do I need a deep kitchen clean?

Your kitchen surfaces are generally clean on top but food and grease will remain in the cracks of the surface which slowly over time will become a problem in the form of bacteria and mould.

This can lead to the form of germs and if left unattended can become infectious, infecting food prepared on the surface. This of course will be very detrimental to your business and could result in legal action if the bacteria effects a customer.

Dirt will also stick in and around the nuts and bolts, the feet on the stainless steel tables and these are not cleanable by hand, this too will be a contaminant within the kitchen area, which will be noticed by Health and Safety agencies.

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