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Commercial Fan Cleaning

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Commercial Fan Cleaning

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Why get a fan clean?

Whether you are a school, hotel, pub, club, restaurant or possibly a bed and breakfast, you will most likely own and use a commercial fan. This will power your extraction system to remove the steam and heat from your commercial kitchen.

These fans are extremely powerful pieces of machinery. They are operated by a very powerful motor to enable the speed required to remove the air from your kitchen.

Therefore, this is one of the most important parts to your extraction system. If left in a poor condition, these can deteriorate and lose productivity in its ability to remove the air from your kitchen. This could increase the temperature in your kitchen and moisture which will cause mould to build up.

Prevent the Build Up of Grease and Grime in Your Commercial Kitchen

The fan slowing down will have knock on effects in other areas of your kitchen such as your canopy and ducting.

In these areas, due to a slower airflow the grease particles in the air will not be removed and will settle in your ducting causing a big build up of grease.

This will be required to be cleaned regularly in order to maintain your insurance.

We recommend a clean every 6-12 months depending on usage.

Click here for more details on ducting laws

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