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Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

Properly cleaned dryer ducting systems can save 100’s of pounds in maintenance fees. They can also save lives in the event of a system fire

Due to the amount of air, dust and debris flowing through the system on a daily basis its important to keep the ducting as clear as possible. Therefore, with a professionally cleaned and cleared dryer extraction system can run more efficiently allowing for more air to flow through.  Your dryer’s vent and extraction system removes moisture and lint from your laundry. This lint builds up on your dryer ducting and will reduce its drying efficiency. With a blocked ducting system, your dryer will take more time to dry your laundry. In addition, this will use up more energy, resulting in higher utility costs and an unnecessary impact on the environment.  Also all of the built up lint and dust in the sides of the duct will allow for a higher fire risk. In the event of a fire, the fire would be able to spread more easily through your system. This could cost lots of money to repair and even lives.

Our cleaning expertise here at OvenKing means that we can fully clean out your dryer ducting system. Our technicians will clean the entire system to remove the lint and dust. Once the ducting is in an as new condition you will then be issued a certificate or advised if further works or improvements are required.

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