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With the current pandemic, it is vital that we keep our homes clean. Regular cleaning helps limit the transmission of Covid-19. Therefore, we should carry out regular cleaning techniques to remove the threat of harmful bacteria and viruses. We have provided the top 10 cleaning tips to stay protected in your home and how to clean your kitchen and surfaces! You can check out our blog on the top kitchen cleaning mistakes here or take a look at our OvenKing Facebook Page for more tips!


1. Wash your hands

This was an obvious one, but our first top cleaning tip is to keep washing your hands regularly. This should be done before you leave the house and when you return home! You can use hand sanitiser or wash with warm soapy water. The NHS provides very useful advice, including this video on how to appropriately clean your hands. You can also use hand sanitiser, ideally to kill SARS-Cov-2, the sanitiser should contain 70% ethanol. The alcohol concentration should be over 70% or otherwise the virus will not be killed effectively.


2. Wash surfaces at temperatures above 70°

You should wash surfaces at high temperatures as this kills the bacteria. Regularly clean your work surfaces, chopping boards, knives and kitchen surfaces at hot temperatures. Make sure to wear hand protection to prevent the risk of serious scalding. If you are washing your dishes or kitchen utensils in warm, soapy water, the lather and motion detaches bacteria from the surface. These will then be washed down the drain, therefore it is important that soap lathers to remove the bacteria.


3. Washing dish cloths

You should wash or change dish cloths, sponges, tea towels and oven gloves regularly. Always make sure you let them fully dry before you start to reuse them, as dirty or damp cloths allow bacteria to breed.


4. Use cleaning products and disinfectants

There are many different cleaning products available for cleaning and disinfection. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before using any product for food surfaces. Make sure you leave the product on the surface for the time required and check if it needs diluting before use. Regular household cleaner containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide works effectively. However, any cleaning product that contains 70% or more alcohol is good for cleaning kitchen surfaces and cabinets.


5. Be clean when preparing food

Make sure you keep all utensils and dishes clean before you prepare food to avoid cross-contamination or harmful viruses and bacteria. You should use different utensils, cutlery, plates and chopping boards when preparing raw foods to fresh foods. Wash these between tasks to prevent the spread of bacteria.


6. Wipe down touch points

Clean places around the house that are regularly touched. These tough points include door handles, light switches, work surfaces, remote controls and electronic devices.


7. Clean bathrooms regularly

The bathroom can be an area where harmful bacteria can thrive. Make sure you clean your bathrooms frequently, washing hands, providing running water, liquid soap and paper towels or hand driers. If you are sharing with others and using cloth towels, these should only be for individual use and washed regularly.


8. Clean floor surfaces

Floor surfaces receive a lot of traffic on a daily basis. Outdoor shoes that aren’t removed or pets add a risk to bringing in bacteria and viruses from outside. Therefore, make sure you regularly clean  and disinfect floor surfaces.


9. Air dry surfaces after cleaning

You should air dry kitchen surfaces after cleaning them to allow them to dry out naturally before using them again. Otherwise the moisture on the surfaces can become a breeding ground for bacteria.


10. Use detergents and bleach

Detergents are useful for cleaning surfaces and removing grease but they do not kill bacteria. Disinfectants do kill bacteria but won’t work on a surface covered in grease and dirt; they only work on visibly clean surfaces. Use diluted bleach cleaners with at least 70% alcohol and disinfectants. Make sure to disinfect and boil any wash cloths that you use for cleaning.


By following these top cleaning tips we can fight against Covid-19 in our homes. Keep washing your hands, using 70% alcohol hand sanitiser, get out your cleaning products and open windows for air. Cleaning and disinfecting can help kill organisms, bacteria, viruses and parasites, leaving your home clean and safe. If you require some cleaning for your home please check out www.ovenking.co.uk or call 01202 705045 to book an appointment or have more information.