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Have you been making use of this summer’s hot weather? Perhaps you’ve been having BBQ’s in your garden socially distanced? Here at OvenKing, we offer a wide range of services that not only clean ovens and carpets but also BBQ’s too. Therefore, below we offer you some advice for dealing with BBQs in hot weather. We must all stay safe this summer, especially during heatwaves when we are spending a lot of time in our back gardens. Follow our advice to help you, so we can all enjoy good food in a clean, safe and enjoyable environment! Make sure to check out our recent post on the best BBQ recipes to help you create some tasty recipes for your garden BBQs.


1. Position your BBQ on a level site and don’t move until completely cool:

BBQ’s can be a great fire risk, therefore being safe and responsible will help to avoid the risk of injury to people, property and wildlife! You should always position your BBQ on a level site or paved surface on either brick or paving slabs. Keep this away from wooden fencing, hedges, sheds, dry grass and vegetation. If you are too close to vegetation you could risk starting a wildfire. The fire at Wareham Forest in May cost over £500,000 to extinguish, you can read more about this here and the effects of disposable BBQs in the countryside.


2. Don’t throw away your BBQ until it has completely cooled down:

You should never throw hot BBQ ashes in plastic rubbish bins as this could start a fire. Make sure any remaining charcoal is cold before you remove it carefully, you could always use water to dampen down the ashes. Never dispose of hot ashes into a wheelie or dustbin, as this could melt plastic and cause a fire! As a safety tip, you could keep a bucket of water or sand nearby, in case of any emergencies.


3. Never leave the BBQ unattended and make sure you are responsible:

You should never leave the BBQ unattended and make sure that children, games and pets are kept away from the cooking area. You should also make sure that you are responsible for the BBQ, be careful drinking alcohol and remain nearby at all times.


4. If it starts to rain don’t take your BBQ inside:

If the weather suddenly changes, don’t take your BBQ inside or into a tent. This is because in enclosed spaces they can poison and cause carbon monoxide, a massive danger to you and others.


Now that we have listed our safety tips, you can enjoy a safe and responsible garden BBQ in the next summer months. If you are looking for a BBQ clean, then get the professionals in! Contact OvenKing now or call us for a quote on 01202 705040. You can also visit us at www.ovenking.co.uk, you can also follow us on social media.