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We’ve put together a top 10 list of unusual cleaning tips, that you might never even have heard of.  Read on to see some top tips for keeping everything squeaky clean!


1. Keyboard

Hard to clean areas like Keyboards are a nightmare!

What do you do to disinfect your keyboard? Maybe run a wipe over it once every few months? When you consider how much you touch your keyboard, and just what might be on your hands, maybe it’s time to give it a thorough clean? Bacillus (a bacteria which causes many different diseases) is often found living on keyboards, so a disinfection might be in order!

How To Fix It?

Dip a toothbrush in vinegar and water (50-50 ratio), blot it so it isn’t wet, and give it a gentle scrub. Investing in an air duster (or a spray duster) can also help shift some of that stubborn inter-key dust!



2. Sponges

Sponges are your main source of cleaning. However, they are often bacteria-ridden, and can spread disease about your home as you clean, which is the last thing you need! Sponges with lots of bacteria can also smell – so as you wipe you’re passing the smell from worktop to worktop!

How To Fix It?

Disinfect your sponges. Whereas you might currently be disinfecting by soaking in bleach or Milton sterilising fluid, there is an easier, time-saving solution. Put a damp sponge in the microwave for 90 seconds on full power.





3. Microwave

Microwaves are often-forgotten but can get really dirty! Think of all that splatter!

How To Fix It?

Top tip for a microwave- stick in a bowl of water and run the microwave for 5 minutes. The heat will make some droplets evaporate but because they’ve got nowhere to go, they’ll stick the sides. This will make tough grime easier to shift.

However, if you’ve really got caked on food debris, call in the experts. They can get it sorted for you speedily!




4. Dust, cobwebs etc

Dust gets everywhere, and there’s only so much a conventional duster can do! Fluffy dusters are great for corners – but what about that pesky dust inside the radiator or between the towel rail bars?

How To Fix It?

A top cleaning tip: invest in a squishy duster. These dusters are super flexible and bends, which makes short work of these tasks. You can find them at a discount here


5. Blender

Blenders are notoriously difficult to clean- the rotator blade gets caked in food and is hard and sometimes even dangerous to get to.

How To Fix It?

Fill your blender with washing up liquid and water, then turn it on and blend it clean.  Voila! Nice clean blender.

6. Showerhead


A notoriously hard to clean area, if you’re in hard-water area (like Dorset) you’re likely to get all kinds of scum and limescale build up over time. A study in 2009 found that a whopping 20 percent of shower heads were contaminated with Mycobacterium avium, which can cause a variety of serious upper respiratory health problems. Better fix it quick!

How To Fix It?

One of the best cleaning tips that we’ve found: take a sandwich bag, fill it up with white vinegar and attach it to the shower head Leave overnight. Presto! Lovely clean showerhead!



7. Windows

Windows are such a pain to keep shiny! Streaks, marks, blemishes- they’re a nightmare to keep clean!

How To Fix It?

Whereas nothing beats a professional clean, between cleans you can use a solution of 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water. Make sure to buff with coffee filter paper. This will guarantee a streak-free finish.


8. Mattresses

Often-forgotten, your mattress accumulates dust, dead skins cells (yuck) and all sorts throughout its life. Think about it- you spend roughly a third of your entire life on that mattress- it’s going to need a clean!

How To Fix It?

Get the professionals in for a steam clean – unbeatable!

However, between professional steams we do have a couple of cleaning tips for you! Firstly, don’t forget to vacuum the mattress and the bed frame when you change your bedding.

Secondly, if your mattress is getting a little ripe (definitely time to get a steam clean!) you can give it some longevity by mixing half a shot of vodka with some water and a couple of drops of an essential oil that you like the smell of. The vodka helps kill some of the bacteria, and it will give it a nice smell for a few days!


9. Toilet Bowl

Unsightly strains in your toilet bowl is not what you want, especially if you have guests!

How To Fix It?

Surprisingly, bleach or other household cleaning products might not always be the most cost effective solution for de-staining your older toilet bowl. At OvenKing we were surprised to meet a customer who swore by this age-old remedy- using a can of coke!

The acidity in the Coca-Cola has been proven to eat away at the darker stains on the toilet bowl and leave your bowl squeaky clean and shining.

The downside- pouring sugary liquid into your toilet is going to give a great food source to any bacteria there!

Whereas there’s no doubt this works, we think we’ll give it a go… but then follow up with a bleach rinse!


10. Hard to clean vases

Some bases has very thin necks- almost too thin to get a sponge down with your hand, leaving you with scummy bottoms of vases. This can result in a build up of bacteria and some seriously smelly vases.

How To Fix It?

How about creating your own magnetic sponge? Pull down the sponges from the outside to clean all the hard-to-reach areas.

  1. Cut a sponge in half
  2. Use a knife to cut a pocket into each sponge.
  3. Insert a strong magnet into each sponge (keep the two suitably apart or they’ll attract together)
  4. Sew the pockets up
  5. Enjoy your magic cleaning sponge!



Do you agree with our top 10 list? Do you have a fantastic cleaning tips you’d like to share? Let us know!