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Recently we posted an article about Common Kitchen Cleaning Mistakes. But in this current climate, can we be doing more? We follow NHS advice to help limit the spread of Coronavirus in the home. We look at ways to clean to combat corona in the home.

1. The Toilet

Now that we are allowed to have garden visitors, it’s inevitable that someone from outside of your household might be popping in to use your toilet. Try to disinfect the toilet seat, handle and rim with a bleach-based cleaning product after each use – a great tip here is to provide some wipes in the bathroom and request that your visitors wipe down after themselves.

If you have more than one toilet then consider reserving one toilet for members of your bubble, and another for visitors, to limit cross-contamination. Another handy tip is to invest in disposable paper towels, or using flannels instead of one communal towel. Provide a little bin and ask guests to use a flannel to dry their hands, then pop it into the bin for you to stick in the washing machine after they’ve gone.

We’ve learnt that washing your hands is paramount during this time, but helpful reminders never go amiss. Perhaps create a fun sign for your bathroom reminding visitors to wash their hands for 20 seconds (the amount of time scientists think it takes to kill any Corona particles). You could provide some idea of songs they can sing to accurately time themselves- for example two renditions of Happy Birthday will do the trick! Always fun to have visitors singing in the loo!

Finally, be mindful of sources of cross-contamination-  toilet roll, air freshener and door handles and locks are often overlooked.



2. The Living Room and Bedroom

The NHS website recommends steam cleaning soft furnishing (sofas, carpets, armchairs, curtains) to really get a deep, germ-free clean. Our professional team is ready and waiting to help you – take a look at our services here. We can even steam clean your mattress! 

Another top tip is to remember to clean anything that is frequently touched by different people – the remote control is a classic example! As are light switches!

Don’t forget, some soft toys, pet beds and cushion covers can go through the washing machine! Given how much people love to stroke other people’s animals, make sure to give those pets frequent cleanings too (but not in the washing machine!)



3. The Garden

Transmission of Coronavirus seems to be limited by the great outdoors- so when socialising it’s best to be outside. As such, the garden can become a hotspot for visitors and consequently germs and viral particles. Keep chairs separate for the bubbles and guests, and where possible to try to make sure you’re using different tables, blankets and crockery from your visitors.  A foot pedal-operated bin is more hygienic as you won’t have to touch the same lid as your guests.

Don’t forget to maintain a social distance between you and your guests at all times.

Make sure to wash your hands after you touch anything that your visitors have handled, and always have a supply of high alcohol hand sanitiser handy.


4. Laundry

Keep washing those hands- especially after handling dirty laundry. A great tip from the NHS website is to wash all underwear, towels and linens at 60 degrees Celsius with bleach-based laundry products to make sure any viral particles or germs are killed.

They also advise you to make sure you remove clean washing from the machine as soon as its finished; leaving the washing could allow germs to multiply.


5. Carpets

Carpets are an often-overlooked source of germs. A deep clean can do wonders for the hygiene of your home. Carpeted toilets can be especially germ-ridden, so it’s worth investing in a professional clean. 

It’s a difficult and time consuming task, but luckily OvenKing are at hand to tackle the task! Take a look at our services here.

So there you have it – 5 ways to clean to combat corona!