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Cleaning and Hygiene is our profession, a profession that we are passionate about.

When it comes to deep cleaning or disinfecting your domestic or commercial property, we are the leading experts and it is not only during this troubling time of Covid-19 we can help.

The world is fighting a battle against an invisible enemy, but the most frightening thing about the whole situation is that this isn’t the only virus that can be a detriment to our health. This particular pandemic has garnered worldwide attention due to its lethality. Which is a even bigger worry for those identified as at highest risk. But the common infections such as the flu can also deadly too, and these infections also cause untold sick days every year. A social and economic cost to ourselves and businesses.

Government advice is that practising good hygiene will reduce your risk of infection, any infection. Which is common sense. But even practising good personal hygiene will not eliminate the risk entirely.

Keeping our homes and workplaces clean as best as you can will help too, viral infections travel within and upon people. And estimates on Covid-19 suggested that infected people do not show symptoms for 2.5-3.5 days, meaning prior to any self isolation they will have had the opportunity to pass the infection on to anyone they have come in to contact with. We must make sure we are disinfecting and decontaminating our workplaces and living spaces. By cleaning and disinfecting we can limit the risk of transmission of harmful viruses and bacteria.

So what if you have a suspected case or even a confirmed case of Covid-19 or any other viral or bacterial infection, how do you get your business or home really clean and safe for you, colleagues or your family?

Well the first option is to wait it out, viruses are parasitic and require living tissue or cells on which to grow and replicate. If you remove that then eventually they will die. Bacteria too is a microorganism and many die without a carrier or host. But some do not or at least do not for a very very long time. Practically speaking though, moving out of your home or closing down your business waiting for the threat to disappear isn’t viable!

This is where we can help, our team of experienced cleaners can come to your home or commercial premises, whether your business is a school, nursery or nursing home, or a traditional office or factory setting. We can clean in any home or work environment and give a professional deep clean, keeping your premises as clean and hygienic as possible during this difficult time.

All our cleaners are fully trained and certified to provide top quality infection control in your premises. With full PPE protection and top of the range cleaning equipment that gets extensively cleaned before and after every job, keeping us and you safe.

Covid-19 is unlike any other virus that the world has ever seen, with evidence showing that it spreads more quickly and is more lethal than any coronavirus identified in modern times. But this is not the only virus that you should be aware of, a deep clean of your business premises will keep it clean and free of viruses and bacteria that cause illnesses such as; Common Cold, Influenza, Chickenpox, Mumps, Measles, Tuberculosis, and Diphtheria.

Our tailored cleaning programme, using detergents that help reduce the spread of viruses, is unique to your situation.

As leading experts in our field, we have successfully been cleaning Schools, Nurseries, and Care Homes throughout Dorset and Hampshire with our experienced team and top of the range cleaning equipment.

One of the best methods for a thorough deep clean on a property is using a fogging machine. A fogger machine distributes the cleaning disinfectant over all surfaces, which includes home furnishing such as curtains and carpets, items that you wouldn’t necessarily think to include in a deep clean. The fogging method means that the disinfectant will reach places that you can’t normally wipe down, places where those germs can hide!

A deep clean of your property with the fogging machine will give you and your property the best chance to keep it Covid-19 and other virus free, giving it the most thorough clean. Sanitizing and cleaning a whole room quickly and efficiently, with the cleaning fluids getting to work immediately.

Cleaning by ‘fogging’ is also quick and takes just a matter of minutes, not days. Once the treatment has been completed the area is safe to enter again straight away, meaning that you don’t have to remove yourself, family or your staff.

If you would like to learn more about fogging, disinfecting or deep cleaning, check out our website: https://ovenking.co.uk/fogging/ or follow our OvenKing Facebook Page for more information.