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Oven Cleaning Dip Tank and Dip Tank Work Area

OvenKing have recently made a leap forward in fitting out vans for the purpose of oven cleaning with our oven cleaning dip tank and removable dip tank work area. We had a customer down to train with us whom required to use the vehicle for other business purposes on the weekends, the room that the normal fit out would occupy meant that the customer had to pick one business or another.

Our recently developed removable dip tank work area that can be removed from the van meaning that it gives the full volume to use the van for other purposes. All of our trainees are now receiving these removable work areas and are very happy with them.

To see the removable work area, visit our OvenKing Shop and check out the Removable Dip Tank Work Area.

The removable dip tank work area can be supplied as just the shell itself or a work area and oven cleaning dip tank. It can also be supplied as a more full package for those looking to get a van fitted with no training. The work area, oven cleaning dip tank, chemicals and tools can be supplied in one package.

We are a flexible and friendly company and do our best to accommodate as many requirements as we can. If you would like to have a tailored package we would be happy to discuss with you the options.


Contact us through the OvenKing or OvenKing Shop contact forms, or ring us directly on 01202 705045.

Oven Cleaning Dip Tank

Oven Cleaning Dip Tank