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We have been advertising locally and thought we would put up here what we have been doing for those of you that find us online only. Check out the editorial below. Get in contact with us to get your clean booked in today.. we can do anything from ovens, carpets, end of tenancies, commercial cleaning, and much more.


OvenKing have been running cleaning services successfully over the past 4 years. Within those 4 years we have built up to a 5 van operation building a large and loyal customer base. We have expanded into other cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, jet washing and also commercial cleaning including kitchen cleaning and extraction ducting.

We have always prided ourselves on a high standard, attention to detail and thorough work through to the end regardless of how difficult the job may be. This is why 95% of our customers come back to us. A testament to the quality of work  we do can be found on Check-a-trade and the reviews we have received and still do receive. We show an average score of over 9.8 on Check-a-trade.

Give us the opportunity to undertake any works and see what we can do for you.