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In this year of 2017 you’d think by this point the real dangers of self cleaning oven’s would be known by all? Well it appears not so. More often than not home owners use self cleaning ovens haphazardly without knowing the full potential dangers and risks they undertake in doing so! Self cleaning ovens are not as safe as you think they are.

Self cleaning ovens heat up your oven to crazily high temperatures to try “burn off” all the burnt on food so that it can be removed easier. However not all appliances are up to these ridiculous high temperatures. It does not go without saying that age, frequency of usage and what’s been cookin’ affect the outcome of your self cleaning cycle. It’s not hard for the self cleaning oven to start a fire if there is enough built up grease and burnt on food. In fact its not uncommon at all.

A Google search will take you to loads of articles about whole homes being burnt down by self cleaning oven fires. It’s amazing how whats viewed as a “major convenience” could destroy your home leading to even more inconvenience. So is it still worth it?

Here at OvenKing we pride ourselves in amazing domestic and commercial oven cleaning services. We will take away that worthless risk factor of self cleaning ovens and provide you with an outstanding eco-friendly and full clean. We have over 600+ Positive reviews on Checkatrade which just shows how happy our customer base is. If you would like more information or for a free no obligation quote, why not call us now on 01202 70 50 45