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Groupon has for the past 4 months had an extreme deal on oven cleaning which is doing more harm than good. We have so many times been called out to customers needing a re-clean or who have been let down by this offer. This potential scam groupon oven cleaning deal seems to be done by un-trained and un-professional man-in-van style outfits.

Extreme Homecare Oven Cleaning Scam Rip Off DealFirstly they have had this deal up for quite some time claiming 51% off! which over December was 70%! this means that their normal price is £79 right? Wrong. Their services for single oven cleaning are not worth £79. In fact even in their old ( The company they “shut down” ) facebook page you can see clearly printed on their van that the £39 is their normal price! Along with showing off their price on this old page, you can see many post’s which best sum up  why they disappeared and set up a new limited company. Seems trust worthy?!

Its not hard to find out from reviews on Yell and their own Facebook that customers get surprise extra charges for grills or pay direct debits for them not to turn up. Yet again not trustworthy, un-professional and of course when it all goes wrong, they just close the company and set up a new one. as they have already done once.

They also have a habit of leaving the job unfinished. It also appears they have a tendency to offer free cleans in return for removal of bad feedback? Doesn’t seem very honest does it! They keep a database of all customers and when bad feedback or a comment not in their favour appears on their page. They will try to bribe the customer to take it off which doesn’t seem very honest.

Here at OvenKing we pride ourselves in our professional and expert oven cleaning. It saddens us when cowboy oven cleaners start ruining the industry  by falsifying prices and pretending to be professional cleaners when they don’t do anywhere near the same amount of work we do. We have a checkatrade account with over 600+ Positive reviews from customers who have been happy and satisfied! If you would like more information or a free quote give us a call now on 01202 70 50 45