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Commercial waste such as Grease needs to be disposed of in the correct way. The reason for this is as it is classed as a hazardous waste so needs to be taken away by a licensed waste courier under certain regulations.   Its out duty of care and responsibility to make sure waste from grease traps is disposed of correctly.

Did you know its also the business owners responsibility? that’s right, as a restaurant owner its your job to make sure it goes to the right place after cleaning. If you use a “man in van” service there is a high chance they will just pour it down a drain near-by. In that case you would also be liable for a fine. So when picking your grease trap cleaner make sure they are fully licensed. The potential hazards that grease poses to the environment is probably greater than you would imagine. It can block drains, Pollute rivers and water supply’s, injure and even kill wildlife.

With so much at stake, including you business, why take the risk? Why don’t you just hire out the services of a professional and licensed waste remover. For more information about OvenKing’s services or a free no obligation quote, why not call us now on 01202 70 50 45