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As the new year begins, don’t you want to have that oven cleaned out? All the Christmas cooking must  of taken its toll on that oven of yours. Why not start fresh with a fresh clean oven cleaned by OvenKing?

The build up of grease and burnt food while only do damage to your oven. Burnt on food can also produce smoke when the oven is in use. This can lead to setting off asthma in some of your family members and guests. Also it creates a high fire risk in your home if there is too much grease and burnt on food in your oven. OvenKing can see this gone with our professional Oven Cleaning.

Using a unique range of Eco-friendly and fume free products, Oven King offer a truly professional and unrivalled oven cleaning service. Our dedicated team of fully trained oven cleaning specialists are on hand to tackle any oven cleaning task including Aga, Rayburn and Range cookers, we can even handle a large variety of additional jobs including extractor hood cleaning, microwave cleaning, BBQ cleaning and all of our oven cleaning technicians come equipped with a whole host of common replacement parts including bulbs, filters and door seals.

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