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When a building is old or derelict, its normal for a large build up of detritus to gather inside and outside of the building. Clean-up of such waste will be difficult, dangerous and requires experience. However OvenKing offers an extensive derelict and void building cleaning service to help buildings become habitable again.

When a building is left derelict and void for a while, a large quantity of litter, animal waste, general detritus and other waste’s builds up. There are plenty of potential hazards for living in such buildings so it’s vital to get a professional clean to make the building habitable again. In void property’s its not uncommon to see dead animals,  Animal waste, Needles, broken glass and more dangerous substances. This leads to a number of hazards which could impede living in the building and also requires a much higher level of a professional clean. This is something CowBoy cleaners can’t do due to their lack of experience in the industry.

Here at OvenKing, We are able to deal with any type of cleaning even the worst of the worst, Void property cleaning.  OvenKing are able to totally restore properties that are in such conditions back into a habitable state for people to either move into, or in some extreme cases, begin rebuilding to turn the area back into a habitable place. We are able to empty void properties and remove all left behind possessions such as chairs, tables, white goods beds mattresses and dispose of these in the correct manor.  If you’re looking for a void property cleaning specialist in Bournemouth, Poole, Southampton and Christchurch then why not give us a call now on 01202 70 50 45.