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With Christmas around the corner its important to have your oven fully prepared for the brutal mess that your Christmas dinner with leave in its trail. The last thing you want your family to see is a dirty oven.

A dirty oven can create a lot of smoke from fat, grease and food deposits. This smoke not only is bad for your health but makes your food taste bad and can cause damage to your property. Not only that but its then a major fire hazard which puts you and your family at risk. Do you really want to take that risk at Christmas? Alongside all of this a dirty oven does not look good to your visitors and family. It leaves a bad lasting impression about your dedication to cleaning and how lazy you are.

Luckily OvenKing is here to accommodate for oven cleaning needs. We use only eco friendly and fume free chemicals to bring a shine back to your oven. Our highly trained operatives have the latest in technology to bring you only the best oven cleaning service. Not only do we offer a professional oven cleaning service, but also a carpet cleaning service. We can both clean your oven and clean your carpet to a superb and high standard.

Our carpet cleaning service uses only industry leading equipment to clean your carpets. Our highly trained operatives can bring life back to your carpet in time for Christmas to give you piece of mind.

If you would like to book in for any of our services do not hesitate to call us now on 01202 70 50 40. We can also offer you a fast and free quote. You can also contact us using the contact us page.