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So you want a cheap and reliable oven cleaner? I’m afraid that’s never going to happen. With all thing’s in life, you get what you pay for and with any kind of service that is also true. Oven cleaning is a task which requires skill, experience and the right equipment. Is your budget oven cleaner really going to be any good? Well here are the top 2 reasons that cheap is bad when it comes to oven cleaning:

1- Half the price Half the job
We have found out from recent customers and from taking on a oven cleaner from a different company that these “budget” oven cleaners do half the job that we do. They clean ¬†bare minimum and normally work to a time limit to maximize the amount of ovens they can do in a day. This shines through in the depth of the clean and attention to detail. We have been called back to plenty of jobs where it has not been completed by one of these companies.

2- Equipment and experience
What if they have no experience? well the cheap oven cleaners won’t! Some of these budget companies are only around for a year then they disappear! Here at OvenKing all our operators have years of experience and are fully and highly trained to give you the best possible service. We also use only top of the industry fume free and Eco friendly chemicals to clean your oven

On top of all this we often refer customers to use Checkatrade due to their outstanding stance on showcasing only good traders and service providers. In times like this its ever more evident to only use the best to get your money’s worth out of a service. If you would like to find out more about OvenKing’s amazing service why not speak to us? Or if you would like to book or get a free no obligation quote give us a call now on 01202 70 50 45