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Here at OvenKing we understand it can be hard to find a reliable and trustworthy drain unblocking service provider.  Plenty of companies offer such services and some are just scams with no substance to their promises.  There are plenty and plenty of stories of scam’s and massively over the top bill’s for simple job’s which over values the whole process. Some jobs reach bills as high as £3000 for simply unblocking a very very minor blockage. Also there’s the whole “Free CCTV scam” which is just their foot in the door to then up sell you  £1000’s of pound of un-needed extra’s.

Due to this mass amount of scammer’s and rouge traders its easy to get caught out by them. Here are our top tips to help you avoid getting caught out:

– Never let a leaflet or doorstep offer sway you
They need to advertise somehow of course but it is always vital to cross reference with other sources who they are. For example Checkatrade which is an independent review website to help stamp out rouge traders.

– Stay informed
It’s important to stay fully informed at all times on the price you pay and if it needs to change. Although this should be rare it seems to be part of business model’s as a way of gaining from vulnerable people.

– Know the work they are doing
Its easy for someone to up sell you on something you have no idea about. It’s always worth asking what they are doing and why and them to give you a full break down of cause and effect. If they can’t give you a reasonable answer which cant even be backed up, How do you know they know what they are doing or talking about.

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