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Recently technology has advanced in many many crazy ways. From robots and self driving cars to automatic food detecting and cooking ovens. You heard me right. An oven the detects what you put it it and then cooks that dish to perfection. It uses a camera, sensors and its self to learn how to bake, roast and reheat food. It currently can cook 60 foods which will soon expand and the camera can recognize 23 foods.

The oven can cook up to a 5 pound chicken and is a little larger than a standard toaster oven. While food is cooking in the oven you can monitor temperature in the food and in points of the oven. It will also send notifications to inform you when its nearly done or completely done. It can also take your photos of the food cooking and make a time lapse of your food cooking! You can also view it cooking in real time on your phone or tablet from the comfort of your sofa.

This advance in kitchen technology allows us to spend less time worrying about cooking and more time with guests, doing house chores or looking after the kids. Although its important to keep safety and cleaning in mind. There is no way that any less care about cooking should occur. Fire’s can still occur and relying 100% on technology  is not always the best idea. Malfunctions and slight issues can completely change the operation and even possibly break the oven’s inner workings. Despite its amazing automatic capabilities it can still be used as a manual oven which helps if you want to not rely on technology every once om a while.

The oven which is called June debuts late this year ( why not in June?) and will retail for around £1400.  Yet the big price tag brings in many many features so it’s a small price to pay for perfectly cooked dishes.