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Last week a seemingly normal occurrence to fire fighters broke out, a fire started from the oven. The fire was reported at 7:55pm and one fire engine attended the scene.  However on arrival the small fire had been put out and fire fighters then worked to clear the smoke. It was caused by the occupiers and no real reason as to why was given.

The real cause could be a number of reasons, they could of just neglected their food? But a major cause would of been the lack of cleaning which defiantly made the situation worse. The built up grease and burnt on food no doubt massively contributed to the cause of the fire. Of course the fact they left their food cooking played a major part in it no doubt.

However another thing is that maybe their self cleaning cycle was on. The self cleaning cycle creates extremely high temperatures which can cause fires, melting internals and can even of course start an oven fire. As OvenKing likes to say, our oven cleaning is carried out to the highest of standards. Our cleaning techniques will remove all the built up grime and grease that has built up on your oven. We will leave it in a state where there is a significantly lower chance of a fire randomly breaking out and causing danger to you and your family.

Here are some simple guidelines to avoiding a similar situation yourself, here is what you should do:

– Get your oven cleaned professionally at least once a year

– always keep an eye on all food you are cooking

– Never have a nap or sleep while cooking

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