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Here at OvenKing we provide a extensive and thorough professional filter cleaning service. With our years of experience in the cleaning industry we have the knowledge and tools designed for this job. We provide both a filter cleaning and replacement service to help keep your business running. We have previously worked with TGI Friday’s, Burger King and many more other local takeaways.

The reason you need your filter cleaned regularly is because it is the main part of your extraction system. Also not to mention with a ill working extraction system leads to higher bills due to its lack of efficiency in moving around air. On top of that it will increase the heat in your working area leading to frustrated staff. This also in turn decreases productivity and thus less money making task’s are completed. Another issue would be the potential for smoke build up and fire hazards. Fire hazards create a massive health risk for all your employees and customers.

With out filter cleaning services we provide an exchange service. This service helps to keep your down time well…down! with a quick change over we give your a replacement filter while we clean your original one. This keeps your system running during our clean allowing smooth transitions and a constant serve rate. All cowboy cleaners and cheap service providers won’t do this service as it’s not within their remit ( much alike their lack of industry experience)

OvenKing endeavors to ensure that we fit our service to you. No matter the requirement, size or quantity of a job you need done we can help. Why not give us a ring now on 01202 70 50 45 to arrange a free quotation and to help us show you how we can help.