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As technology rapidly advances in leaps and bounds, we wonder what the future holds for kitchens. Well from what we can see so far. Self cleaning ovens are still just as bad.

In an article posted at the start of September we can see that bosch is picking up remote controllable ovens. this means you could make the dish in the morning an start it cooking during your commute home. Another use of remote control from your phone is being able to turn it off when cooking a meal and being busy in another room. Of course this all sounds like an amazing leap but it comes with its inherent dangers. For example leaving the house while leaving it on and then not being able to turn it off. this could lead to fires and other such dangers. But I am sure they will pre-plan for such events.

Another future advance which we have seen would be cameras inside of your oven to monitor your food. Not only would that allow you to watch your food cook to perfection, but also suggestions of the oven adjusting temperature to cook the goods to perfection. this could mean no more collapsed souffles and perfect cookies. The possibility’s yet again are endless. It could even be possible to maybe live stream food cooking.

As amazing these all seem cleaning these appliances will only get harder. As you can see better self cleaning ovens isnt on the list due to their failure anyway. As mentioned before in our “cleaning hacks” article they just don’t work and are more danger than good. So sadly, no easy way out of cleaning has come around just yet with technology.

However to help with the stress of cleaning all these new ovens, OvenKing is here to help! We have years of experience in the cleaning industry and so selfie taking oven is going to change our outstanding service.

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