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For September 2016 we will be offering no VAT on all training packages which pay their deposit in September. This is a great deal to help you save in preparation for your new career in the growing industry that is oven cleaning. The extra savings could help towards more tools and chemicals, more flyers for promotion, A radio ad, A training package for your friend or partner? The savings will help give you a flying start and who better than OvenKing to train you too?

Our oven cleaning training course is an inexpensive way to gain valuable knowledge in the oven cleaning industry. It will prepare yourself fully for your first days oven cleaning work. OvenKing are delighted to offer a range of oven cleaning training packages to suit all budgets and every circumstance.

We offer 2 day training courses all the way up to full start up extra courses. These extra courses will give you everything you need from a website to a dip tank being fitted in your van! For a full list of our extensive oven cleaning training packages click here. We offer so much more as well like business coaching, marketing assistance and more!

Oven cleaning as an industry gives you the ability to earn up to £1000+ A week with the full flexibility of picking your own hours and working days. The industry is already a multi-million pound sector and is ever growing larger. Also compared to most other options, you can generate money from day 1! Oven cleaning also has proven and repeat business opportunities with dedicated customers and new customers always wanting more.

If you are reading all this and considering one of our training packages you are one small step away from becoming a professional oven cleaner! You also have the potential to earn a great income of up to £50,000 per annum.

For further information about the OvenKing training packages or if you have any questions regarding the contents of this pack then do not hesitate to contact us using any of the following methods:

01202 70 50 45