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Here at OvenKing we recently did an extensive deep clean for the extraction ducting of a local take-away. When we got to the location we found out the severity had affected their business’s day to day running. It was had affected their opening and was now causing a serious issue for them as they had left it too late! Extraction ducting cleaning services OvenKing Dorset Bournemouth Commercial
As you can see in the above image their extraction ducting was clearly not up to TR19 standards. Not only is this a serious lack of hygienic consideration but also a serious fire hazard. This poses a threat to both your employees but also your customers. Not only that but if an inspector saw this, they have and will shut you down until this is cleaned and rectified. This results in loss of of money and most certainly a loss in reputation. Customers heavily rely on the hygiene rating to decided if they like a business or not and to pick weather its where their money should be spent.

Recently our friends at 1st Commercial Cleaning posted an article about how a un-clean kitchen caught fire. They had to evacuate the pub during a busy lunch hour and call out emergency services. Its clear that they showed no such consideration for  the cleanliness of their oven and therefore a lack in hygiene. This is a clear example of why its very important to keep your kitchen clean.

The services we provide are second to none. We clean until the job is done ,not to a time limit. We clean to TR19 standards and have years of experience in the cleaning industry. With our domestic Checkatrade being over 600 positive reviews you can trust in our expertise and knowledge. Don’t leave it too late and risk getting closed down by the inspectors.

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