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We have all heard plenty of oven cleaning “life hacks” in the past. Some are weird, and some just seem to simple to work. Yet, do these oven cleaning life hacks work? Is it possible to make cleaning an oven less effort? Easier? Not use as many chemicals?

The reason we strive to know these simple little life hacks is because we don’t often think about cleaning the oven. The term “out of sight, out of mind” rings true to oven cleaning. We will quite happily put something in the oven without inspecting it’s cleanliness. But once it comes to actually checking the oven we begin to notice how bad it actually is. For this reason we like to find shortcuts to avoid the long cleaning process.

The truth is the majority of these “hacks” do in fact work…to some extent. There is no sure fire and “proper” way around how they work. The popular ones such as baking soda can leave marks and also still require long and hard work. Nothing comes easy and these “life hacks” don’t stay true to effort required.

What about self cleaning ovens you say? Well they are scary. very scary. They reach insanely high temperatures and can produce harmful fumes. They can even catch fire which is never good. Why pay extra and risk such potential damage?

So what is the way around all the  effort and hours of cleaning? The annoying and endless scrubbing and the mixing of household goods in the hope that you might acquire some magical grease removing abilities? Well the best option would be ideally to get someone else to do it for you..right?

Here at OvenKing we provide the very best in oven cleaning services with over 600 positive reviews on Checkatrade. We also have many years of experience in all areas of cleaning we will take away the effort and bring out your ovens gleam! We provide our professional oven cleaning service to Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Southampton and beyond. We cover all of Dorset and most of Hampshire with our cleaning services.

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