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It is always so vital to make sure the company you use for the service you use is reputable and reliable.  Recently a carpet cleaning firms boss was found guilty of scamming elderly customers in the Devon area. The very way in which the boss of the company went about taking large sums of money from customers was horrendous. It was barbaric and cruel.

The way in which this cleaning company scammed vulnerable elderly was by drawing them in with a false promotion price. The promised carpet cleans from as little as £19 which sounds harmless correct? Well they would then add extra’s and charged some customers up to as much as 22 times more than that. Some customers were reported of paying service charges as high as £449. This show’s a clear lack of transparency and disrespect to customers.

It was reported that on plenty of occasions the extra cost’s were only outlined after the clean had been completed. The boss and employees used lies to get around this such as Bigger area, Creme colored, pets, too dirty and children. Their very method in extracting money from customers was illegal and quite frankly disgusting.

This example just show’s the importance of going for a approved company with a good reputation. Its always important to do your research to avoid getting caught up in a scam. If there isnot enough past customer reviews how can you honestly trust them. The answer should be no. Always check on Checkatrade to see how reputable a company is and what kind of feed back they have been getting.

Here at OvenKing we have years of experience in the cleaning industry and we certainly have a good amount of customer feedback to show for it. We have over 600 positive reviews on Checkatrade and all our technicians are highly trained and fully insured. All quotes are set and if we need to change our quote it will be outlined before commencing work.

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