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Your beloved furniture more than likely needs a deeper clean than you think. If your home has children or pets your home will probably need it more than ever. The signs of wear and tear may already be visible or maybe they are only beginning to show. Luckily OvenKing offers an extensive and professional upholstery cleaning service. Although dirt, stains and unwanted marks are always inevitable they don’t have to be permanent. We provide a friendly, professional and expert upholstery cleaning service.

Cleaning upholstery is an important part of household hygiene. Getting your sofa, pillows, chairs or any other upholstery cleaned regularly is vital to a clean and healthy house. Let OvenKing sort out your household cleaning needs with our friendly and professional upholstery cleaning service.

we are the specialists in the field of cleaning a large variety of upholstered items a competitive prices. We have specialist top of the range steaming equipment that use equally top of the range eco-friendly chemicals. We are sure to offer the best and first class service every time.

We use a specialist kind of hot water extraction to remove ground in deep dirt. It also eliminates all the built up grime and leaves your upholstery fresh and clean.

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