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Buying a new oven can be a challenge and its always difficult to make the small choices which can have a massive impact. When asked ” do you want a single or a double oven” It can be hard to pick out which one is best. Here at Oven King we have tried to make this easier for you by summarizing the options.
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Single Ovens
Single ovens a compact and save you plenty of kitchen space. That’s the main selling point to them. Although there are also more models and brands of single ovens so they are easier to buy with a bigger selection. This is useful if you are not set on a brand and want to shop around more. The major downfall is that you can only cook one thing at a time. You can’t grill and cook at the same time.  Also its hard to split up vegetarian dishes from meat ones without the risk of cross contamination.
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Double Ovens
Double ovens are the power house and luxury version of the two. Although bigger and taking up more room, they allow for you to grill and cook at the same time. This means no cross contamination and the ability to make more than one dish at a time. However the running costs can be a lot higher than single ovens due to the nature of it being well “double”.

At the end of the day it’s down to what space you have available and what kind of cooking you intend to do with it. There is no point in buying a big double oven when you live on your own and cook rarely.

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