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A self cleaning oven may seem like a hassle and fume free alternative to using chemicals or getting a professional oven cleaner in, but there are dangers. Self cleaning ovens can leave you with health problems and could also affect your pets health.
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Self cleaning ovens can produce carbon monoxide during the cleaning cycle. carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that has no smell or taste and you can’t tell if you have been breathing it in. Breathing it in will make you unwell and if exposed to high enough levels it can kill you. Click here to find out more about how and why

The various fumes produced during a self cleaning ovens cycle can be harmful to pets in your home. The fumes from the self oven cleaning effect birds in particular quicker and can leave them seriously ill. Its important that if you must use the self cleaning cycle of your oven that all pets are placed outside.

The self cleaning cycle of your oven will produce fumes which will cause asthma suffers asthma attacks. They should completely avoid the kitchen so as to prevent any respiratory issues occurring. It’s also a possibility that the fumes can cause coughing and illness to not asthma sufferers.

As you can see from just a few of the above issues if a self cleaning oven they are not worth it. Booking in a reputable oven cleaner would be your best option. This is because a reputable oven cleaner like Oven King uses fume free and eco friendly chemicals. These eco friendly and fume free chemicals are nowhere near as harmful and are considerably safer.

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