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Owning a lot of restaurant equipment can be difficult. It’s not like owning domestic kitchen appliances and they are not used the same way. The cost of commercial kitchen equipment is higher, More complex to use, More things that can go wrong and they are used more often if not constantly. Also the difference between  a domestic oven breaking and a commercial oven breaking is money lost.  You lose your home oven you will cook something else and get it fixed, not too much harm done. Your commercial oven breaks and you will lose business and potential customers.

1- Is it working like it used to?
Of course all things overtime become less effective, but is it anywhere near as good as it should be? No matter how well you maintain, repair and clean it eventually it will lose its effectiveness. When it starts struggling to perform or only just meets your standards, then you know it is time to replace the unit.

2- Repair costs are adding up
It makes sense at the start when something small breaks and costs only £60 to repair. But after the 10th time would it still be worth it? In cases like this it will of course be better to replace the unit. This is as newer models tend to last longer than most old models anyway. Also after 8 years of repairs it won’t be anywhere near as effective as it used to be.

3-When better options arise
If you can use 1 unit that will fulfil the jobs of 2 units, why not save the space? If a new unit can do 2 things you need doing it will save you in the long run. It will cost less to power and it will also save more space in your kitchen allowing for more cooking areas and more staff.

When it’s time to replace one or more or you units it may be hard to find an appropriate installer who will do the job. More importantly, an installer who will do the job right and with gas safe certification.  Here at OvenKing we can provide an expert instillation to suit your kitchen.

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