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Here at Oven King we are delighted to see that we are closing in on 600 Positive reviews on Check a Trade! At the time of writing this blog post we are on 587 positive reviews with an average score of 9.85. This number clearly shows off our high oven cleaning standards and our professional approach. We also abide to the check a trade standards which can be found here . These standards outline high standards that trades should abide by to show professionalism.

If you don’t know what check a trade is, its a highly respected independent review website for trade. Customers from the past and present can come forward and submit their review once they have been verified as being a genuine customer. They give a rating out of 10 for all aspects of their service like Time keeping, tidiness, courtesy and workmanship. There is also a section about the invoice and if it was on quote or not. If you have never looked at check a trade before or used it, your should get into the habit of doing so. It’s a powerful tool you can use to avoid cowboy traders who could leave you worse off.

We pride ourselves in working to the highest possible standard with the best possible equipment. This pride and outgoing skilled workmanship is visible in all the reviews and ratings available on check a trade. To look at all of our reviews click here 

Checkatrade Review Oven Cleaning Dorset Hampshire Bournemouth This example of one of our many reviews just showcases the expertise and workmanship that we carry out in our oven cleaning services. If you would like to find out more about our oven cleaning services and how we carry them out, click here.

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