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In this world of amazing domestic ovens there is of course single or double ovens but… what about gas or electric? The power house of the oven and what truly powers your oven. This two way choice can be confusing and leave you wandering “what’s the difference?”. Well there is a big difference and it will affect how you clean, how you cook and also how expensive your bills are! Its worth researching the differences if you are un-sure. If you are still stuck there is always the option of getting dual fuel. However lets not go into that as they cost quite a lot!

First of all gas ovens have superior hobs to electric. They offer instant and easy to control heat that spreads out evenly among the bottom of pans. You can turn it on and off in a second and can also get it to the heat it needs in seconds. In comparison an electric hobs takes time to head up and cool down. This is inconvenient  for both safety reasons and also quick cooking.

Cost wise Gas is cheaper to run. You are bound to save money on using gas over electricity. Even with raising gas prices, electric will always be more expensive. However gas does also have its cons. Gas ovens have an issue with heat distribution. The unevenly distribute heat which is something fan ovens do perfectly and with ease.

Although the gas hob is easy to clean it is however tricky to clean. Gas hobs are more fiddly in comparison to the smooth flat ceramic or induction hobs.

Electric ovens are clearly the luxury of the two options providing a better and more effective cooking experience. However on a budget its clear that gas cookers are the best option. But cleaning is going to hard with a gas oven! So that’s how OvenKing can help! We charge £55 for a single oven and £65 for a double oven. We then charge £15 for a 4 ring hob so you can leave us to clean your oven.

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