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eco friendly oven cleaning Dorset Hampshire Bournemouth Poole ChristchurchWhen it comes to cleaning ovens or getting your oven cleaned, we should be considering the potential impact we may have on the environment. The types of oven cleaning chemicals that are brought in shops or used by cheap oven cleaners are normally dangerous. These chemicals can harm you and your family as well as the environment around you. When considering quotes and potential companies to use, always consider their chemicals and weather they are eco friendly or not.

Oven King proudly only use eco friendly, Non-caustic, fume free, biodegradable and safe oven cleaning products. Our unique range of professional cleaning chemicals allow us to offer a unbeatable and thorough cleaning service.

Non-caustic means that the chemicals are non-corrosive or non-damaging. Our oven cleaning technicians dip tanks attached to their vans means we don’t have to use any bad chemicals to remove built on grime. Due to us using non-caustic chemicals that means we can offer a effective yet eco friendly oven cleaning service.

Every single one of our cleaning products we use is biodegradable. By this we mean that if any of the chemicals made contact with your pavement and drive way, the chemicals would wash away with a little bit of water.

Our chemicals are completely fume free. This means windows don’t have to be opened and fans don’t have to be used. Oven Kings oven cleaning technicians can undertake work without a need to worry about fumes spreading throughout the house. Our cleaning chemicals are 100% non-invasive and will not interrupt your activities around the house.

If you would like to find out more information about our eco friendly chemicals why not click here to look at our page about eco friendly oven cleaning

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