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Its clear that there are loads of oven cleaning services in Bournemouth. Yet why is it so hard to find a professional oven cleaner? Dorset is a big county which has a large amount of cheap oven cleaning services. However, are they worth it? Can their quality and workmanship be shown in past customer reviews?  Lastly, can they even be considered being  professional? All these questions and more can be simply solved by checking these 3 simple steps:

Where did you find them?
You should always check them in various places to see what customers say about them! There has been a rise in facbook oven cleaners. Their very nature and practice of super cheap prices undermines the quality of the oven cleaning industry. Advertising through facebook only proves they have plenty to hide. On facebook they have the ability to delete bad reviews and create fake positive reviews.

Have you checked Checkatrade?
Do they have Checkatrade? If not how can the prove they adhere to high quality standards? Checkatrade is an independent review website where customers can come to review the work they had carried out. It also carries out background checks to their legitimacy and reliability. If a oven cleaning service provider doesn’t have Checkatrade they are hiding past bad jobs and unhappy customers.

Talk to them!
The very best way to check out the quality and workmanship can also be by calling them. When you talk to an oven cleaning service in Bournemouth you can ask them any question you may have about their service. Although be careful as the dodgy ones are the most crafty!

Why not use OvenKing as your preferred professional local oven cleaning service in Bournemouth! with years of experience and  just under 600 positive reviews on check a trade ( Possibly 600 depending on when you are reading this!)  Give us a call now on 01202 70 50 45 for a FREE no obligation quote