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OvenKing has now hit 600 reviews on Checkatrade, the independent review website. This big number represents our hard work, reliability and quality of service as an oven cleaning service. This number also showcases that we are a trusted and responsible member of the community.

Here at OvenKing we have been members for over 3 years all the while upholding the high standards required. We have stuck by the Checkatrade standards all this time and will continue to do so well into the future.
600 Reviews Checkarade Oven Cleaning Services
The above review is just one of many amazing reviews received on Checkatrade. It portrays the happiness and high level of work that we serve to any and all customers. If you scroll through the reviews you see so many like this and happier with our average score being 9.85 out of 10! Which is an amazing and high score.

Our long running and high scoring Checkatrade far surpasses all other oven cleaners in the area. We are significantly better equipped and trained to provide you with the best oven cleaning serivce. Most of the oven cleaners in this area either :

– Don’t have Checkatrade which proves that they have plenty to hide and aren’t honest (read this article)

– Do have Checkatrade but have terrible reviews concerning their appalling oven cleaning standards.

Its always worth checking Checkatrade to see if a company is on there and also if they have good or bad reviews. It’s also an idea to leave feedback for services you have had so you can help the rest of your community or protect them from a bad service. This is of course the main purpose of Checkatrade as it runs off of your feedback and reviews on services.

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