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Buying a brand new oven can be difficult as there are so many options out there. Do you want a single oven or a double oven? A gas or a electric? The choice of brands and oven types is endless and the prices of buying and running them can massively vary. Here at Oven King we have complied 5 things to consider when buy a new oven.

1- Single or double oven?
This age old, yet difficult question, is one we all have to start with. If you buy a single oven you will be spoilt for choice with many more options. It will take up less space however you can’t grill and cook at the same time. So if cooking is a big thing for you then a double oven is the way forward. For more information about the Single vs. double question check out this article here.

2- Gas or Electric oven?
Electric is the luxury option of the two. It can more evenly cook food and stay at  consistent temperatures. However electric is more expensive to run in comparison  to gas. Although gas is cheaper to run it can distribute heat through the oven as efficiently. It also struggles to keep at a consistent temperature.

3-  What about cleaning?
Are you buying a new oven as your old one is too dirty?  Or are you buying a new oven for your new kitchen you are getting installed? If it is because your oven is too dirty then getting your oven cleaned by an oven cleaning professional would be a better investment. This is because a professional oven cleaning service has the potential to save your oven. They will do a better job then any store brought oven cleaning products and will save you loads of money.

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