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Rejection-StampThe issue with Groupon and other such voucher websites is that they devalue entire industries. These voucher websites also drive public misconceptions about the nature of the industry and gives people bad quality service.

Voucher websites reduce the cost of a service and then also take a large cut of this reduced price. This leaves a cheap oven cleaner with £10-15 to do a job. This will leave them going into the job with no motivation and no desire to excel in their job. They also will have no time as they will be rushing around doing super cheap jobs to try afford the bills and expenses. They may not even honour the commitment to clean your oven in the first place and leave you out of pocket and still with a dirty oven.

Where as here at OvenKing we stick to our price as we can deliver a service result to keep our customers delighted as we don’t just settle for satisfactory. We don’t want to devalue the industry or make the public think the industry is all about cheap and terrible oven cleans! not to mention we use eco-friendly chemicals which are no harmful to you or your family. The cheap cleaners may use dangerous fume filled chemicals which may harm you. for more information about our oven cleaning services click here 

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