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BBQ Cleaning OvenKing Oven Hampshire Dorset Bournemouth Poole ChristhurchKeeping your BBQ clean this summer should be a high priority to you and your family. As guests come over and as you start cooking big meals, Its highly important that your cooking area is clean and hygienic to safeguard you and those around you. The last thing you want to do this summer is spend it feeling ill or being stuck in and out of the doctors.

There is no such thing as being too careful when it comes to cooking on a BBQ. The potential hazards are endless yet easily avoided if the correct precautions are adhered to. Cleaning your BBQ is one of those safety precautions you can easily get done and it is also one of the most effective precautions. If done correctly it can eliminate the large majority of harmful bacteria that could build up over time. Apparently only a third of us even clean our BBQ’s regularly! It’s time to change that.
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Here at OvenKing we aim to excel in cleaning your BBQ to the highest and best possible standard. We use our top of the industry eco-friendly and fume free cleaning products to deep clean your BBQ. Our highly trained and fully insured operatives also use a dip tank installed in the back of their van’s to ultra clean what they can remove to try and break way the build up dirt.

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