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With food hygiene, it should be the main priority for running your kitchen safely. It’s very important¬† that you understand and know what food hygiene is to prevent contamination.

To practice good food hygiene you need to be remembering the 4c’s of hygiene;

  • Cross-Contamination ( The prevention of the spread of bacteria )
  • Cleaning ( Effective cleaning to minimize risk )
  • Chilling ( Food stored to prevent harmful bacteria from growing )
  • Cooking ( cooking correctly to kill harmful bacteria in food )

When cleaning commercial kitchens it’s important that the clean is done correctly. this is so it kills all of the harmful bacteria which could spread into the food. If harmful bacteria did get into food it would become a serious issue.

When surfaces are cleaned properly they will prevent cross-contamination and the chance of food poisoning.  The storage of food is also important to keeping your business hygienic. Refrigerators and Freezers should be cleaned regularly inside and out to prevent cross-contamination.
Food Hygiene Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

For a more effective and deeper clean it’s important to get a highly experienced and fully trained cleaner in. They will disinfect and clean everything to a significantly higher standard and most importantly make your business more hygienic and a safer environment to work in.

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