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So, you are on a tight budget and you see a cheap service available. Great! you book it, but what you don’t realise is thats the first mistake… DANGER! Cowboy oven cleaners are about! They can damage your health and your property and you won’t be able to do anything about it! They will disappear with your money and leave you needing the job professionally done. Here’s how to avoid such a disaster;

Always check on CheckATrade first!

You should ALWAYS visit CheckATrade. A free independent review website where past customers come to review the work they have had carried out by the company. Cowboy oven cleaners will  not be a member of CheckATrade meaning they can’t prove they have satisfied past customers. If they do an account on CheckATrade, read through their feedback and see what genuine people have to say about their service rather than false claims.

Do they have public liability insurance?

If they do not have public liability insurance and they cause serious damage to your property, they will not be able to financially cover the repairs. If an oven cleaner has public liability insurance, the insurance company would be able to cover the cost of repairs in the event of any damage and give you peace of mind.

CRB check?

Sometimes it is necessary if they are a sole trader for them to be CRB (Criminal records background) Checked. If they can’t provide a CRB certificate number as a sole trader how do you know you can trust the person you just let into your house?

Where did you find them?

Do they have a well built website with placements on directories and in local magazines? If you found them through Facebook that’s a big warning sign! On Facebook they can block and delete bad reviews and they can pick who posts what about them! Always check to see what they have online and never be afraid to Google what you are looking for to find well established and trusted businesses.
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