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With this week’s incredible heat soaring past 20C it’s the perfect time of year to whip out the BBQ and cook some amazing food. But what recipes are out there that are worthy of your time? Here is our short list of the top 5 BBQ recipes you must try this summer from Jamie Oliver! all recipes below have links to where we found them.

1- The Hix Turkey Burger  BBQ Summer 2016 Recipes Bournemouth Poole Christchurch Turkey Burger


With BBQ’s we are all used to those normal and boring beef burgers with some cheese on top. How about a free range turkey burger with Cumberland sausage and a cranberry sauce? The recipe that Jamie Oliver made serves 4 and isn’t too hard to make.

2- The Insanity BurgerBurger Insanity Bournemouth Poole Christchurch

This burger according to Jamie Oliver is the “Ultimate Indulgence” with a “Gnarly layer of seasoning”. It sure  looks and tastes like it!  Its super easy to make and has the nicest burger sauce to go with it! This recipe is sure to make the neighbors jealous of your BBQ cooking skills!

3- Chargrilled Veg Kebabs  Veggie Kebabs BBq Recipe

These beautiful and delicious vegetarian kebabs are perfect for nibbling on in this blissful sun ( While it lasts ). They are super easy to make and are an amazing way to get your kids to eat more veggies.

4- Mega Stuffed Sweet Potatoes Sweet potatoe BBQ Dorset

These sweet potatoes make for a cracking side dish and they never fail to impress guests and the family. Just stuff them up with cheese, Bacon, Veggies whatever crosses your mind and they are best served with sour cream of some other kind of dip!

5- Vegan Burger  

1245_1_1436954815Sometimes it can be hard to accommodate everyone at a BBQ, with their different tastes and needs. So here is an amazing BBQ recipe for a Vegan burger! Its super yummy and suits the whole family!

Before throwing on your cooking hat and trying recipes these out, its important to cook safely to protect your friends and family. You should clean your BBQ on a regular basis before and after use but also get it deep cleaned by a highly trained professional. This will help keep your BBQ hygienic and safe to cook on.

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