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A dirty carpet doesn’t just look bad, it can also harm you! It may not look like it but a carpet can be the breeding ground for health issues. It allows for the growth of microbes and fungi and other irritants which can make you ill or set off allergic reactions.

1-Respiratory issues Dirty Carpet Cleaning OvenKing

Dirty carpets can provide great habitats for all kinds of small organisms that don’t serve our health well. Dust mites within the carpet multiply super quick due to the dirt, hair and dead skin that builds up in the carpet. When the dust mites get kicked up from walking, Moving furniture or your child playing on the floor, They can be inhaled.

The health issues that result from this can me coughing or runny noses to cold like symptoms. it can also cause asthma attacks! It is important to get your carpet cleaned regularly so as to help prevent these issues. An even better option would be to get it professionally cleaned to a high standard

2- Allergic reactions

If you or someone you live with has some kind of allergy, there is a possibility that a dirty carpet could set of an allergic reaction. Dust, Pet hair and tiny insects in the dirty carpets can cause itchy skins, eyes and sneezing when kicked up. This will make it un-pleasant for a visitor or for you.

3- Infection

A common skin problem that has some links with a dirty carpet is athletes foot. Athletes foot can be caused for a range of issues from sharing socks or wearing shoes that make your feet sweaty. But A dirty carpet can cause harm to your feet. When walking on a dirty fungi infected surface with bare feet, there is a possibility that the fungi will get into cracks in your skin and start multiplying.


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