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Available on sale from our eBay store and our Oven Cleaning eCommerce Shop website is the new OvenKing oven cleaning dip tank.

This is the very same oven cleaning tank our own operatives and franchisees use, and the same as we supply all of the trainees who attend the OvenKing Startup and Startup Extra oven cleaning training courses.


Designed to be installed permanently in the rear of any small (or larger) van. It features;

  • Lift off handles on top of the lid, (lift the lid without steam scalding)
  • Easy drain system, to make cleaning out and changing cleaning solution easier
  • Safety pressure relief valve (always unclip the lid when heating!)
  • Easy access to burner to light the gas
  • Thick 2mm guage 304 grade stainless steel, strong and long lasting

The professional stainless steel dip tank for oven cleaners is made by ourselves. Designed for gas heating so unlike electric tanks they do not require the customer to provide you with power and there are no possible trip or electrical hazards caused by a trailing extension cord. The oven cleaning dip tanks can also use eco-friendly chemicals or caustic chemicals and the stainless steel will not degrade regardless of the chemicals you use.

The oven cleaning tank is manufactured from 2mm guage 304 grade stainless steel and has a satin finish. This makes it rigid and strong and will provide many many years of problem free use. The lid has strong and secure clamps to prevent liquid leaking during transit and the tanks feature handles on top of the lid so you do not get burned by steam when removing the lid from a hot tank.

The oven cleaning dip tank lid is also lined with a high density heat resistant rubber so it fits snug, does not rattle or move and most importantly it will keep the heat in for longer. Meaning less gas bills for you and higher profitability of your business.

When you have finished with the water in the tank and need to empty the tank you simply need to open the easy to reach tap. The tank is also fitted with a pressure release valve for safety whilst heating the tank.

Buying a professional and quality oven cleaning dip tank is an investment in your business, ideal for people new to the industry or seasoned professionals call us today to ask any questions you may still have or to buy over the phone. 01202 705045

Oven Cleaning Dip Tank Front Draw Open Showing Burner   Oven Cleaning Dip Tank Top Open   Oven Cleaning Dip Tank Safety Pressure Release Valve   Dip Tank Tap   Open Front of Oven Cleaning Dip Tank   Oven Cleaning Dip Tank Front